Areas of Expertise

  • Due Diligence
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Litigation Support
  • White Collar Crime
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Damages & Lost Profit Analysis
  • Internal Investigations
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Data Analytics Testing


  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Institution
  • International
  • Telecom

Prominent Cases

  • Siemens FCPA investigation
  • City of Glendale, AZ financial investigation
  • USA vs. Fabian C. Fleifel - Forensic Accountant for defense


  • CFE


  • 5 Years with Firm
  • 20 Years of Relevant Experience

Mr. Jenkins joined GlassRatner (now doing business as B. Riley Advisory Services) to help found the firm's Dallas office. He has over 18 years of experience in forensic accounting, conducting financial investigations and providing financial analysis including eleven years with Deloitte. He has in-depth knowledge and skills in managing litigation projects and investigations in both domestic and international environments. He has provided investigative and financial analysis involving white collar crime, litigation support, and business interruption/fidelity insurance claims to numerous business entities. He is fluent in Spanish.

Before joining the firm he co-founded Fidelity Forensics Group LLC, a forensic accounting, investigations and anti-corruption consulting firm.

Selected Engagements & Experience:


  • Led FCPA multi-year investigation for International Trade attorneys on behalf of US manufacturer investigating jointly FCPA and ITAR violations in Europe and North Africa. Provided findings of potential third party FCPA/ITAR violations, assisted client to self-disclose potential violations,
  • Led FCPA investigation for large Fortune 100 technology multinational. Investigated allegations of bribes paid to government officials in Bogota, Colombia to obtain technology contracts. Conducted interviews, email review, analysis of payments and background investigations of multiple subjects.
  • On behalf of manufacturer conducted an investigation of embezzlement allegations by an accountant of subsidiary in Mexico City. Uncovered over $200,000 of unsubstantiated payments. Based on findings returned to Mexico City and conducted an internal audit review of purchasing department. Assisted in writing internal control policy enhancements.
  • For a multi-billion dollar manufacturing multinational investigated allegations of FCPA violations in Mexico and Central America. Interviewed witnesses, analyzed disbursement vouchers and identified discrepancies in financial documents. Wrote detail findings report.
  • Managed financial corruption investigation in Mexico for a major U.S. railroad company. Analyzed product invoices, purchase orders, and payments for railroad products. Conducted interviews and computer forensics. Using historical pricing and purchasing data, created financial model that indicated potential purchasing kick-back scheme and overcharging of client of over several hundred thousand dollars.
  • Led investigation of multi-million-dollar manufacturing company's local controller regarding allegations of earnings manipulations. Conducted interviews, computer forensics on hard drives and servers, analyzed journal entries and inventory documents.
  • Investigated large U.S. construction company subsidiary in Mexico City. Found examples of payments to judges, social security officials (FCPA violations), embezzlement of funds to general manager's businesses, and financial statement fraud. Fraudulent transactions totaled over $3.1 million.
  • Conducted investigation of Municipality based on allegation of improper transfer of funds out of municipal trust. Conducted interviews and financial record reviews. Uncovered several million dollars of improper transfers. Made recommendations for anti-fraud programs to prevent future misappropriations of funds.
  • Investigated large ghost employee payroll fraud for multi-billion dollar consumer goods company. Our investigation lead to criminal charges filed against the individual. Worked with local law enforcement to solidify case against individual. The fraud totaled over $300,000.
  • On behalf of a major U.S. airline, managed investigation of the largest fraud procurement scheme in their history and submitted multi-million dollar fidelity claim on behalf of the airline to their insurance carrier.

FCPA Anti-Fraud/Corruption Compliance

  • For and oil & gas consulting firm, developed anti-corruption program including creating a Corporate Code of Conduct, FCPA Policy, FCPA and internal control procedures as well as conducting beginning and advanced FCPA training classes to prevent corruption.
  • For an aerospace company, developed anti-corruption compliance program. Created customized due diligence checklists, FCPA contracts for third parties, developed and conducted training for international sales representatives. Conducted an FCPA audit as part of compliance program.
  • Conducted US Corporate wide Fraud Risk Assessment for billion dollar manufacturing company. Reviewed current anti-fraud policies and procedures, internal audit processes and conducted 30 interviews. Issued report with recommendations on potential fraud risk in accounts payable, accounts receivable and potential FCPA and UK Bribery violations in high risk countries.
  • Conducted numerous FCPA anti-corruption due diligence investigations in Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Civil/Criminal Litigation

  • Calculated lost profits due to destruction of antenna from 9/11 attack for a cable station that had a television antenna on the New York World Trade Center II.
  • Managed two multi-million-dollar Business Insurance/Litigation engagements involving TV station tower collapses. Created lost profit models, present value and cost of capital calculations as well as ad-hoc analyses during depositions of expert witnesses.
  • Created complex revenue and income analyses in litigation involving multi-level marketing proceeds owed to sales managers with numerous sales representatives in their down line sales chains.
  • Calculated losses due to bribery for a large Latin American oil and gas entity. n Hired by federal courts to assist defense counsel (multiple defendants) as the forensic accounting expert. Reviewed prosecution asset tracing analysis on a telemarketing real estate investment fraud. Found over $720,000 of errors and double counting of the prosecution's loss calculations.
  • Hired by defense counsel to analyze allegations of violations of federal bribery statutes involving a US military surgeon and sales representative. Provided asset tracing, email review, bank statement and credit card analyses. Assisted defense counsel to make informed decisions on behalf of client.
  • Calculated losses due to fraud and prepared expert report for a locomotion engine repair consulting company.
  • Hired by defense counsel to analyze federal allegation of potential investment fraud / Ponzi scheme. Analyzed contracts, financial documents, banking information. Traced assets through numerous bank accounts. Identified areas of concern.
  • Hired by state courts as designated forensic accountant to assist defense counsel in investment/real estate fraud case. Reviewed prosecution discovery documents and financial models. Provided asset tracing and bank statement analysis which assisted counsel in providing advice to clients.
  • Assisted defense counsel in DEA money laundering indictment. Reviewed bank statements, deposit slips, invoices and financial documents to determine if there was a pattern that might indicate money laundering. Summarized large data sets identifying areas of concern.


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