Areas of Expertise

  • Damages & Lost Profit Analysis
  • Litigation Support
  • Valuation


  • Consumer / Retail
  • Franchising
  • Manufacturing
  • Organizations
  • Professional Service 


  • BBA University of Georgia


  • CVA


  • 2 Years with Firm
  • 3 Years of Relevant Experience

Josh Bennett is a Senior Associate at GlassRatner (now doing business as B. Riley Advisory Services) who joined the firm in 2019. His previous experience includes working as a financial and business valuation analyst at boutique advisory firms where he performed financial analyses and business valuations on behalf of clients for various purposes including financial reporting, tax, and transactional advisory. Josh graduated with a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Georgia and is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA).

Some of Josh's relevant engagement experience includes:

  • Assisted with a ~$400M purchase price allocation of certain tangible and intangible assets in a manufacturing company with two reporting units. Josh assisted with the invested capital, trademark, tradenames, patents, assembled workforce, and customer relationships valuation, the IRR computation, and WACC and IRR reconciliation.
  • In a 3-day, 27 hour, 10 round virtual §363 sale auction, Josh used B. Riley's internally-developed "Auction Bid Comparison" model to record and track qualified bids. Josh solicited incremental inventory and accounts receivable bids from qualified bidders and ensured they cleared the overbid threshold. After each successful bid, Josh calculated the new purchase price and the amount needed for the next bid.
  • Josh has assisted with several §363 sale processes, including responding to due diligence requests from interested buyers, managing virtual data rooms, performing sell-side buyer screenings and buyer outreach, managing sales process trackers, and preparing sale process updates presentations for UCC's.
  • Josh performed a minority equity interest valuation of a closely-held engineering services company in connection with the resignation of a member. The results of Josh's analysis were successfully used by the non-resigning members to buyout the withdrawing member.
  • In a shareholder dispute, Josh performed a minority equity interest valuation for the "out member" in a commercial construction company. Josh worked with the client to use project backlog and project pipeline reports to create financial projections and estimate normalized cash flow levels.
  • Assisted with valuation and solvency opinion services to a private equity group in connection with a debt recapitalization of two portfolio companies.
  • Assisted with fresh-start accounting valuation services to a PEG portfolio company related to its emergence from bankruptcy.
  • Performed annual independent ALCO model validation services to a community bank for regulatory compliance purposes.
  • Assisted with forensic accounting services to a title insurance company in connection with alleged misappropriation of funds from real estate closing transactions.
  • Assisted with a calculation of damages rebuttal for a breach of contract claim by a healthcare franchisor. Josh assisted with healthcare industry research, and preparation of arbitration trial demonstratives.
  • Prepared a 32 page business plan for an aviation support company detailing the company's competitive advantage, marketing, and pro-forma financials.

B. Riley Advisory Services works with lenders, law firms, private equity sponsors and companies of all types. Our Advisory Services are a unique mix of Valuation and Appraisal Services including asset-based lending (ABL) Valuations; Restructuring and Turnaround Management; Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support; Operations Management; Compliance, Risk & Resilience Services; and Transaction Support Services including Due Diligence and Quality of Earnings Reviews. B. Riley Advisory Services is the trade name for GlassRatner Advisory & Capital Group, LLC, Great American Group Advisory & Valuation Services, LLC, Great American Group Machinery & Equipment, LLC, and Great American Group Intellectual Property, LLC.