• BA UC Irvine


  • 3 Years with Firm
  • 3 Years of Relevant Experience

Jim Donahue has over 25 years of sales and senior leadership experience in the automotive industry. He has built strong relationships with auto manufactures, both foreign and domestic. Jim has managed large sales teams in multiple industries and has successfully navigated complex economies, personalities, and situations. He has owned and operated both customer-facing retail and online digital businesses.

Upon entering the automotive industry, Jim experienced immediate success with Toyota Motors Sales, achieving the prestigious Master Sales Society membership five times before transitioning his success into managerial positions in all areas of a new car franchise dealership. His skill set includes the ability to increase market share, sales training, customer satisfaction, brand development, financial analysis, inventory management and business development through relationship management. Jim was an early adapter of online business practices responding to a changing industry's new reliance on the implementation of a successful digital strategy.

In addition to his automotive background he was chosen by Tony Robbins, the speaker, bestselling author and seminar leader to support him in growing his business and brand awareness. With the Tony Robbins organization, Jim cultivated his skills in building a high-performance corporate culture focused on emotional intelligence, resourceful relationship management and inspiring leadership. It was during his tenure with the Tony Robbins organization that Jim cultivated his ability to bring the entirety of his varied experiences together to build a high-performance corporate culture with a value driven core ideology.

Jim developed an in-depth understanding of human needs and organizational behavior through his education and varied work experiences. He earned a BA in Psychology from UC-Irvine and post-graduate certifications in family therapy, hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming.