Areas of Expertise

  • Damages & Lost Profit Analysis
  • Expert Witness
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Investigations/Consulting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Internal Investigations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation Support
  • White Collar Crime


  • Energy
  • Government
  • International
  • Real Estate
  • Telecom

Prominent Cases

  • Senior Manager assisting the SIPC trustee in the Lehman Bros. bankruptcy.
  • Project manager in Dell Computer SEC inquiry.
  • Forensic Accountant, Williams Communications shareholder suit.
  • Forensic Accountant, Adams Golf Securities Litigation.


  • BS University of North Texas
  • MS University of North Texas
  • JD (Law) University of Texas School of Law


  • 5 Years with Firm
  • 20 Years of Relevant Experience

Mr. Meadors is a licensed attorney and a Certified Public Accountant ("CPA") with more than 20 years of experience advising clients in complex financial matters. Mr. Meadors joined GlassRatner (now doing business as B. Riley Advisory Services) in 2016 to launch the firm's Dallas office. His experience includes litigation consulting and expert testimony; forensic accounting; corporate investigations; anti-fraud/anti-corruption consulting; and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other regulatory issues. Mr. Meadors is experienced at leading teams of accounting, finance and technology professionals. He has provided testimony as to the quantification of losses; lost profits and economic damages; and his critiques of other experts' opinions.

Prior to joining the firm, Christopher was a founding partner of Fidelity Forensics Group, a Dallas based firm specializing in forensic accounting, corporate investigations, and anti-fraud consulting. Previously he worked in Deloitte's Forensic & Dispute Services and Audit practices where he gained extensive experience with the Oil & Gas, Telecom, and Real Estate industries.

Christopher also practiced law in Austin, Texas specializing in commercial litigation, real estate, contracts, and other business-related matters. His clients included commercial property development and management companies (industrial, retail, and office), real estate investors, builders, high-tech companies, and a regional executive airline. Mr. Meadors also taught as a Professor on the faculty of Texas A&M University - Commerce, teaching graduate level classes in Forensic Accounting, Auditing, Business Law, Tax and other Accounting-related subjects.

Christopher earned his law degree from the University of Texas at Austin and holds both a Masters and Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of North Texas.

Selected Engagements and Experience

  • Analysis of lost profits and related testimony including:
  • Testimony before an ICC Arbitration panel as to losses suffered by international energy company resulting from a multi-year vendor overcharging scheme;
  • Calculation of past and future losses resulting to the wrongful termination of a collateralized loan fund;
  • Lost profits resulting from the defendant's failure to transfer certain patient receivables in accordance with a purchase and sale agreement;
  • Losses resulting from improper allocation of expenses under a company membership agreement
  • Rebuttal of plaintiff's expert as to damages resulting from alleged diversion of company sales representatives and violation of a non-compete agreement;
  • Estimates of international sales volumes and the impact of Hurricane Katrina on a U.S. poultry producer.
  • Investigated allegations of embezzlement of cash and drilling equipment for a publicly traded oil & gas company. Interviewed employees and vendors, reviewed and analyzed inventory and accounting data. Obtained admission of from company employees and third-party contractors that allowed company to necessary action. Also worked with the client to revise their related procedures and controls.
  • Led a team of professionals investigating potential FCPA, customs, and ITAR issues involving sales of aircraft, parts and services in Europe and North Africa. The matter required extensive financial analysis, document review, and on-site interviews of witnesses. Our findings were reported to the client and counsel, and ultimately to the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Advised client in a post-closing purchase price dispute (arbitration) between international oil drilling company and a private equity firm purchasing its South American land drilling assets. Issues involved the correct classification of certain oil drilling assets, collectability of non-trade receivables, equipment obsolescence, foreign currency translations, and accounting for contingencies.
  • Provided forensic accounting services to a publicly traded retailer investigating allegations of kickbacks and conflicts of interest in their real estate development program.
  • Managed a team of approximately 40 accounting/finance professionals assisting counsel in a securities litigation engagement for a large computer equipment manufacturer. The project required the coordination of multi-national teams responsible for an extensive data collection and review, issue identification and development of client deliverables.
  • Worked with a team of professionals providing accounting expert/consulting services to counsel in a 10b-5 securities litigation case involving a telecommunication company. Issues involved accounting for asset impairment and reporting, "IRU" accounting, and valuation issues. Project required extensive data mining, analysis and financial modeling.
  • Worked with a special committee and their counsel investigating claims of fraud and corruption for an oil drilling company. Engagement included analysis of financial data, evaluation of supporting documentation, interviews, and email review.
  • Advised a leading domestic ethanol marketer and distributer investigating "RIN" fraud (renewable energy credits). The engagement resulted from a crackdown by Federal regulators on renewable fuel producers, including a number of high- raids and arrests. Our team worked with client to identify and investigate high-risk vendors and transactions, as well as mitigate its exposure to fraud. We also assisted the client in enhancing its vendor due diligence, internal controls, and investigation procedures.
  • Assisted counsel in a section 12(a) securities litigation involving a sporting goods manufacturer. Project involved accounting for sales reserves, grey marketing issues, and the appropriateness of company reporting and disclosures around the IPO and subsequent SEC filings.
  • Assisted a defense services contractor in assessing the potential FCPA issues and evaluation of its FCPA compliance program. Based on the evaluation, we were able to make specific recommendations, which were implemented by the client, to increase the efficacy of their compliance program.
  • Managed a team of accounting/finance professionals assisting an Audit Committee investigating allegations of fraud at a metal manufacturing company. Investigation involved the assessment of plant cost accounting and analysis of scrap and obsolescence reserves. The matter required extensive collection and analysis of electronic data captured from the company's network and individual employee computers. This information supported interviews of employees and officer interviews to gather evidence and establish the scope of alleged malfeasance.
  • Managed a team investigating allegations of accounting fraud against an electronic component manufacturer. The project required analysis of company accounts to identify suspicious transactions and identifying data to supporting our conclusions.
  • Led a team of supporting a trustee in unwinding and reconciling complex customer and broker transactions at a failed international brokerage firm stemming from the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Worked with a domestic alternative fuel producer (ethanol) going through bankruptcy and restructuring. Assisted the client in identifying and prioritizing critical financial challenges; fraud and corruption risks; as well as addressing the impact on financial reporting and internal controls.
  • Advised plaintiffs' counsel in a class-action lawsuit resulting from a large customer data breach. Engagement required us to identify categories of damages suffered by various financial institutions, the data relevant to those damages, and to develop a financial model to calculate and describe those damages. The project ultimately involved gathering and compiling complex and diverse financial data from over 50 different financial institutions.

B. Riley Advisory Services works with lenders, law firms, private equity sponsors and companies of all types. Our Advisory Services are a unique mix of Valuation and Appraisal Services including asset-based lending (ABL) Valuations; Restructuring and Turnaround Management; Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support; Operations Management; Compliance, Risk & Resilience Services; and Transaction Support Services including Due Diligence and Quality of Earnings Reviews. B. Riley Advisory Services is the trade name for GlassRatner Advisory & Capital Group, LLC, Great American Group Advisory & Valuation Services, LLC, Great American Group Machinery & Equipment, LLC, and Great American Group Intellectual Property, LLC.