Boardroom Alpha Launches Performance Driven ESG Analytics Platform

NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Boardroom Alpha Inc.("Boardroom"), today announced the launch of its revolutionary analytics platform that sets the standard for the assessment of public company directors, officers, and corporate governance. Boardroom's proprietary, performance-based ESG analytics and focus on actual results delivered by individual board members and executives drives alpha for investors, enables companies to create long-term value, and will fully disrupt how directors and officers are selected and assessed.

David Pogemiller, Chief Executive Officer of Boardroom Alpha, said, "Our analytics are closing the incredible gap in rigor used to evaluate the quality and contribution of public company directors and officers. By providing a standardized rating, in-depth analytics, and comprehensive context for every director and officer at U.S. public companies, we're helping drive the ESG mandate of increased transparency and accountability to all stakeholders. In the same way that Moneyball revolutionized baseball, people-focused analytics for companies will revolutionize the C-Suite and corporate boardrooms."

Find Alpha, Accelerate and Improve Diligence, Benchmark to Peers

With the launch of Boardroom Alpha's performance ESG platform, users can access ratings, analytics and comprehensive context for all U.S. publicly-traded company directors, CEOs and CFOs over the course of their careers. In addition, the platform provides deep company-level insights driven both by the ratings of a company's individual directors and officers and across company-level performance, governance, diversity, compensation, shareholder voting, and other measurable practices. Individuals and companies can also be easily benchmarked to their peers and industry.

The Alpha rating is an objective, data-driven assessment of each individual's ability to create value across a number of critical performance areas including returns, financials, and more. Powerful back-testing results demonstrate that good teams outperform and bad teams dramatically underperform.

Boardroom Alpha's platform also provides governance intelligence based on industry best practices including Board size and composition, appropriate pay-for-performance measures and diversity.

Founded in 2018, Boardroom Alpha has raised over $7.5 million from top tier seed investors in the finance community, including B. Riley Securities, the LeFrak family, Peter Cohen, Kevin Seth, and other prominent members of the banking, legal, and consulting community such as Jules and Jeremy Kroll.

"We are excited to partner with the Boardroom Alpha team," said Andy Moore, Chief Executive Officer of B. Riley Securities, Inc. "Today, Boardroom Alpha delivers a unique platform offering public company managers insights into how their decisions around improved diversity and social awareness directly correlate with shareholder returns. We are increasingly using the BA product as an input into our research, and fully expect the platform will help strengthen boardrooms and drive enhanced corporate governance and value creation."

Matthew Drapkin, Chairman of Boardroom Alpha, added, "Today, corporations, investors, banks, legal teams, executive recruiters and other stakeholders suffer from a complete absence of quantitative insights into the quality of boards, the CEO, and other named executive officers. By providing standardized ratings and comprehensive context that is otherwise incredibly time consuming and challenging to generate, we are helping to accelerate the evaluation of companies and their leadership both to identify alpha opportunities and mitigate risks."

About Boardroom Alpha

Boardroom Alpha, Inc. was founded in 2018 to revolutionize the assessment of the people running public companies by delivering performance-based ratings and context on every board director, CEO, and CFO across their full track record. Investors use the Boardroom Alpha platform to drive alpha and meet ESG mandates; corporations are adopting it to benchmark against peers and manage hot-topic proxy issues like executive compensation and diversity; and banks, law firms, and other relevant stakeholders realizing the massive value as an input into their services.

Matthew Drapkin, Boardroom Alpha's co-founder and Chairman, has been a successful investor in various forms for over twenty years and has served on nine public company boards - serving on every committee as both Chairman and Lead Director.

Boardroom Alpha's investors believe in their proven team with deep experience in creating platforms for the assessment of people and companies using advanced analytics across multiple streams of structured and unstructured data.

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