EVINE Live Inc.

Company Details:

Company Symbol: EVLV
Sector: Software & Technology Services
Company Rating:
URL: http://www.evine.com/

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  • 10/01/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: CARS, CSGP, DCO, EVLV, IMAX, KIRK, MAMS, NCMI, RDI, RLH, TLYS, ZUMZ; Focus List (BV, CARB, DHX.B, KTOS, LITE, MRVL, OOMA, PRMW, TRUE), Semi. Cap. Equipment (ACLS, BRKS, CAMT, FORM)
  • 08/31/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: ADI, EVLV, GSM, SMTC, XCRA
  • 08/24/17 Update EVLV ($0.94, Buy; $2.00 PT): Mixed Q2 Results Seemingly Overshadow Return to Growth in Q3 and Expected Sales Tailwind from Accelerated HD Penetration; Remains an Undervalued Retail Platform
  • 08/24/17 Update B. Riley AM Note: ADI, AIRG, AMSWA, EVLV, LITE, SMTC, TLYS
  • 08/16/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: CELH, EVLV, VIAV, WYY
  • 08/16/17 Update EVLV ($0.98, Buy; $2.00 PT): Q2 Preview; Completed Product Mix Revamp + Easiest Comp in 5 Years + Increased HD Channel Penetration = Return to Positive Growth in Q3; Shares Could Double to $2.00
  • 07/07/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: EVLV, KLIC
  • 06/21/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: ADI, EVLV, UEIC
  • 06/21/17 Update EVLV ($1.09, Buy; $2.00 PT): Revisiting EVLV Ahead of NDR; Underlying Customer Metric Improvements Masked by Product Mix Shift; Well Positioned to Take Advantage of Increased Channel Penetration
  • 05/24/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: DSW, EVLV, KIRK, OOMA, TLYS (upgrade), VSAT
  • 05/24/17 Update EVLV ($1.16, Buy; $2.00 PT): Reported Mixed Q1 Results; Guidance for 2017 Remains Unchanged as Underlying Demand Metrics Remain Positive Ahead of Full HD and Merchandise Mix Transition
  • 05/19/17 Update EVLV ($1.16, Buy; $2.00 PT): Q1 Earnings Preview; Comfortable with Estimates and Likely Upside Bias; Expected Improvement in Household Monetization Not Reflected in Valuation; PT Remains $2.00
  • 05/18/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: AMAT, CHKE, EVLV, FC, HIBB, SSI, VRS, VSAT, XCRA
  • 03/23/17 Update EVLV ($1.27, Buy; $2.00 PT): Focus on Product Mix and Contribution Margins Drives Upside Q4 EBITDA and Solid 2017 Guide; Attractive Entry Point Ahead of Incremental Household Channel Penetration
  • 03/23/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: AOSL, AVGO, BV, DHXB (initiation), EVLV, GDDY, INTC, KTOS, MRVL, SWKS; Internet (ABTL, TRUE)
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  • 03/16/17 Update EVLV ($1.28, Buy; $2.00 PT): Q4 Earnings Preview; Comfortable with Q4 Estimates, But Initial 2017 Guidance Could be Conservative; Shares Undervalued on Core Business with Unknown Spectrum Value
  • 02/08/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: AKAM, CALD, COTY, DHX, EMKR, EVLV, FARM, IMMR, IPHI, LITE, MCHP, SKX; The Weiser Consumer (EL, FLWS, FTD, MAT, NWL, PBH, TUP)
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  • 01/19/17 Update EVLV ($1.18, Buy; $2.00 PT): Continued Disappointing FCC Spectrum Auction Results Pressures SOTP Valuation; Lowering PT from $3.25 to $2.00; Remain Positive on Core Home Shopping Outlook
  • 01/19/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: ADMP, ASML, BELFB (initiation), DMRC, EVLV, FNSR, HCHC, OCLR, RUBI; Consumer Products (CL, CLX, KMB, PG)
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  • 11/23/16 Update EVLV ($1.86, Buy; $3.25 PT): Q3 Results Miss on Product Mix Rotation; Underlying Metric Trends are Positive and We Remain Positive on EBITDA Outlook; Lowering PT to $3.25, But Add on Stock Weakness
  • 11/23/16 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: ADI, AOSL, CLS, DSW, EVLV, INTC, KIRK, MAT, MRVL, OOMA; Footwear (COLM, CROX, DECK, VFC, WEYS, WWW), Boardsports (DECK, NKE, VFC)
  • 11/16/16 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: AMC, COHU, DKS, EL, EVLV, FNJN, IMAX, KLIC, MAMS, SBH, UFAB, UTEK; Optical Components (FNSR, IIVI, LITE, VIAV)
  • 11/16/16 Update EVLV ($2.05, Buy; $3.50 PT): Q3 Preview; Projecting Adverse Olympics/Election Impact with Q4 Sales Rebound; Attractive Set-Up into Accelerating 2017/2018 Growth and TV Station Monetization
  • 10/18/16 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: BHE, CLS, COTY, DHX, EVLV (initiation), HDSN, IMAX, JAKK, MAT, NVDA, P, SPCB
  • 10/18/16 Initiation of Coverage EVLV ($2.00, Buy; $3.50 PT): Don’t Change That Dial! Evolving Home Shopping Channel Benefiting From Increasing Household Penetration and Monetization Trends; Initiating with a Buy and $3.50 PT