Awards May 10, 2012

B. Riley Analyst Ranked #3 in Wall Street Journal’s “Best on the Street” Annual Survey

The Winning Analysts: In Their Own Words

#3. Ben Pang
Age: 48
Industry covered: Semiconductor-Equipment Manufacturing

What was your single best call during 2011 and why?

NVLS: Positive thesis delivered on all fronts. The company demonstrated share gain and improved earnings leverage. We identified the company as a likely candidate to be acquired, which did occur late in the year.

What was your single worst call during 2011 and why?

LRCX: Our positive thesis was based on their ability to outgrow the industry, but growth was hampered by slower segment growth rate and slower than expected market share gains for the clean segment.

What stock or market trend intrigues you now and why?

LRCX: Acquisition of NVLS creates the potential for significant share gain in the overall equipment space.

If Hollywood made a movie on stock analysis, what would the title be?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly