Through our conferences and events, we put company leaders in front of our clients in group and 1on1 meetings on a regular basis.  In fact, we have scheduled thousands of 1on1 meetings with presenting company management teams throughout the year.  In addition to our annual event, we host several industry specific conferences throughout the year as well as non-deal road shows.

Upcoming Events

  • 12/11/17 Liam Burke in New York Marketing Trip
  • 12/11/17 Ben Salisbury in New York and Chicago Marketing Trip
  • 12/11/17 Barton Crockett in Dallas, Santa Fe, Denver, and San Diego Marketing Trip
  • 12/12/17 Red Lion Hotels Corporation (RLH) in San Francisco Roadshow
  • 12/12/17 Hospitality Properties Trust (HPT) in Chicago Roadshow
  • 12/12/17 Susan Anderson in Boston Marketing Trip
  • 12/13/17 Carter’s, Inc. (CRI) in Boston Roadshow
  • 12/13/17 Rogers Corporation (ROG) in San Francisco Roadshow
  • 12/13/17 Sameet Sinha in New York and Boston Marketing Trip
  • 12/13/17 Koppers Holdings Inc. (KOP) in Toronto Roadshow
  • 12/13/17 Randy Binner in Minneapolis Marketing Trip
  • 12/13/17 New Residential Investment Corp. (NRZ) in New York Roadshow
  • 12/13/17 Graco Inc. (GGG) in Canada (Toronto and Montreal) Roadshow
  • 12/14/17 Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co. (CTO) in New York Roadshow
  • 12/14/17 Akamai Technologies, Inc. (AKAM) Headquarters Visit & Tour in Boston (Cambridge) Conference
  • 12/15/17 Steve Moss in Philadelphia Marketing Trip
  • 12/18/17 Limelight Networks, Inc. (LLNW) in Toronto Roadshow
  • 12/20/17 Steve Moss in Charlotte Marketing Trip
  • 01/08/18 B. Riley FBR Meetings at CES in Las Vegas Conference
  • 01/09/18 REIT Joint Marketing in Chicago, New York, and Boston Marketing Trip
  • 01/11/18 National Storage Affiliates Trust (NSA) in Boston Roadshow
  • 01/26/18 B. Riley FBR Lunch & Investor Tour at New York Boat Show Conference
  • 03/15/18 B. Riley FBR Inaugural China Healthcare Investment & Partnering Symposium (CHIPS) in Hangzhou, China Conference